Feature Request: Travel Mode Scheduling

I have been reading about people wanting to trigger travel mode in app, and there are several issues with that.... so how about this:

Travel mode scheduling.

At my leisure, I can log on to server and say 'trigger travel mode on date/time' (ideally, multiple entries allowed!)

So, I book a flight, I enable travel mode in advance, and forget about it. No having to mess with computers at 4am as you get up bleary eyed to go to the airport.

As an option, I could also enter 'disable travel mode rules'.

The ultra paranoid would not have that, fearing they'd be detained until their vaults returned; but for most people, they could just have 'disable travel mode after X hours/days', 'when my phone has arrived within X miles of location', or similar.

Thus, you don't have to remember to enable on the day, and you don't have to be logging on to websites when actually on your travels, but those who want full control can still do it manually.

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  • You could always have the timer to enable Travel Mode, but have the need to explicitly go onto the web interface to re enable, something you wouldn't forget to do anyway as you'd have half your passwords missing until you did?

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    @Murk - it's an interesting idea, but one that would require a significant amount of thought and work to get right -- meaning, avoiding the possibility of users locking themselves out of their data by "automatic schedule" inadvertently. It's also something that you'd probably see in our most robust tier of service - 1Password Business, before it made its way down into the individual/family levels. If you've got a 1Password Business account, you'll know that it's already possible for Admins/Owners to enable Travel Mode for other members of the account; that's another example of a feature akin to what you're suggesting that may make its way into 1Password Families and individual accounts. :) Thanks for the suggestions, however! I'll definitely pass along your thoughts to our development team.

  • @Zaka_7 : Yep, exactly what I proposed, with an option to automatically remove travel mode if one were happy with the trade-off.

    @Lars : An accidental lockout could be undone with a website login....

  • P.S. Sorry about the double post. No idea how that happened.

  • LarsLars Junior Member

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