Can videos be password-protected?

A massive amount of information can be found in the forums and in the knowledge base... Oddly enough (maybe I'm just asking a dumb question) I found no answer to the simple question: Can I use 1Password on my iphone 3GS to password-protect videos?

This is my only interest since I have some private videos that I'd like to keep away from prying eyes.

Any help is appreciated.

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    Welcome to the forums, Juan! Thanks for asking about this. The desktop version of 1Password supports file attachments but they are limited to 20 MB and do not sync with the mobile apps for network and other performance reasons.

    On the Mac, we do sell Knox which allows you to create encrypted vaults of virtually unlimited size. You can download a free trial of it if you are interested in a solution for your desktop.

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  • well, you have written that it is applicable for Mac machines. But most of the people uses a Windows as an operatig system. Can you please tell me how it will work on windo
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    Hey there, leahhaley! Unfortunately we do not have a Windows version of Knox at this time. 1Password is geared more toward secure information management rather than file encryption, but we may expand its functionality in the future. It just isn't meant to be all things to all people. I am sorry I do not have a better answer for you now.
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