Access is denied on Windows 7


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This discussion was created from comments split from: 🎉 1Password 7.3.701 Beta 1 update is available.


  • Similar problems on trying to update...I changed UAC to standard to download update, reset to admin rights, logged in and got the following:

    I pressed yes and got this:

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    You mentioned you saw that error immediately after pressing "Yes" on the update prompt, @dennisgreenlee – did you see a UAC dialogue in between the two by chance? That error just means that 1Password didn't have permission to install and the reasons for that can range from the issues listed in the error to something simpler like you not granting it permission (either intentionally or because the dialogue didn't show).

    ref: WCU-82153-823

  • Sorry for the delay, but I am the current (and only user account) in my system, so I don't care if it "will install to the admin account only and will never work in your current user account" from MikeT on July 5. I would just like to install latest updates, but seem to have a problem. BTW I am not particularly versed in the technical details behind the scenes, I just love 1Pword and want the latest and greatest on my devices.

  • PS I have administrator credentials on my system Win7 64 bit.

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    Hi @dennisgreenlee,

    I've split your posts into its own thread here. The quote you copied was not related to your issue nor was it directed to your post, it was before you replied.

    Did you see what Kate asked you above your replies, I'll quote it again:

    You mentioned you saw that error immediately after pressing "Yes" on the update prompt, @dennisgreenlee – did you see a UAC dialogue in between the two by chance?

    When you hit yes (ready to install), did you see any Windows prompts about authorizing 1Password to add changes? The second prompt says 1Password has no permissions to update.

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    To save some time, can you email us your 1Password diagnostics report. Please use this guide to generate the report and email it to us at [email protected]. Also, in the email, include the link to this thread along with your forum username, so that we can connect the email to this thread.

    Let us know here when you've sent it, so we can confirm we got the email.

  • Sorry I didn’t see any other Windows prompts between ‘ready to install’ and ‘no permission’ .
    I went through the process of changing my UAC to standard (not admin), and back to admin to allow 1Pword to download update. That’s when I got the message ‘ready to install’.
    I had previously gotten the same windows prompt ‘Do not run 1Pword install with admin right’ like Sylv1 in previous post. That’s why I quoted you.
    Sorry if this is confusing.
    I’ll send diagnostics ASAP and get back to you

  • Sent diagnostics report moments ago.
    Thanks for any help.

  • GregGreg

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    Hi @dennisgreenlee, I found it on our side. We will take a look and get back to you via email. Thank you for sending it in! :+1:


    ref: WCU-82153-823

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