Possible to change the order of vaults?

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through my 1Password family account I now have 5 vaults. As it was not possible to share the private account with my wife, I had to create a new (regular) one, that I can share. Did the same for my wife. However, now I have the quite cumbersome order of 1-private, 2-wife, 3-personal, 4-stuff, 5-whole_family.

Is it possible to change the order of those vaults?


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  • @om3ga777 Thanks very much for your message.
    We do not have the ability to reorder vaults, although it is a nice idea that I'm going to add a feature request for.
    You can however rename them and change the vault icon for each one which is a little bit like reordering but it's not as quick and simple.

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    Okay, thanks for the input. Would be great if you added the option for reordering to 1Password, because now toggling between CMD+2 & CMD+4 in daily use is not super user friendly.

  • Thanks @om3ga777, Yes indeed, we do have the all vaults option to quickly give you the ability to view all items in all of your vaults.
    You can customise what is shown in All Vaults by toggling 'Exclude From All Vaults' if you want to only view the contents of a couple of vaults but still have access to other vaults in your account.

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    Thanks, I know that, but I prefer to have everything separated and switch between the vaults using the CMD + number shortcut. That's why reordering would be a great help … to fix the numbers.

  • Makes great sense - will push this :)
    Thanks @om3ga777

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    Thank you very much @Doodler_Benji ! :)

  • Glad we could help! :+1:

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    Uhm, is the update live already? ;)

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    Any news on this?

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    Not yet. We will mention this in the release notes if this feature is added, so you will know right away :)

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