Constant, 4-5 times an hour full master password required on iPad

I use 1Password on everything: Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad, etc. On every device besides the iPad, I have to enter the master password a reasonable amount of time: after each reboot, after a day, etc. I count on the device security to protect access. It works as the preference choices indicate. Because these interplay with the device security, I'm able to use an obscenely long and complex master password--good times!

On my iPad, however, I'm having the opposite experience. I've loosened the requirements as far as the preferences allow, and yet I'm still being constantly--several times an hour!--prompted for the entire master password. Which is downright painful to enter on a iPad :( It is even more painful to enter on the iPhone, but I only have to enter it after rebooting the phone or a multi-day period. Which I can handle. But to give you an idea of the iPad experience:

Power on the device (after recharging it) and get prompted to enter the master password. Open up an app, tap in the password field, tap the "Passwords" prompt and get the password filled. Perfect.

A few minutes later, switch to a new app. Tap in the password field... must enter the entire long master password again. Note that the iPad was in use during this entire period, and never locked.

Put the iPad down to get some coffee. Pick it up again. TouchID to unlock. Try to open a website... get prompted AGAIN for the entire master password. That's 3 times in 10 minutes :( I could go on and on but I think you get the point.

Both the iPhone and iPad are using the latest iOS (12.3.1) and latest 1Password. One uses FaceID and the other TouchID, but there is otherwise no difference in configuration. But it's a completely different experience.

Settings on both:
Lock on exit: disabled
Auto-Lock: 1 hour
Face ID/Touch ID: enabled

1Password Version: 7.3.3
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: iOS 12.3.1
Sync Type: 1Password


  • brentybrenty

    Team Member

    @jorhett: Thanks for reaching out. You keep mentioning that you're "prompted to enter the master password". That sounds like you're describing something similar to an iCloud/App Store/iTunes Apple ID sign in prompt, but that's not really how 1Password for iOS works. So you're either talking about something other than 1Password, or I'm just getting thrown off by the description. I can point out some things that might help, but if you can clarify the specific context -- perhaps with screenshots -- in which you're entering your Master Password that could get us on the same page.

    But it sounds like you may just be having some confusion with how the iOS Password Autofill feature works. To clarify, that is not 1Password; and iOS Autofill can also not enable Quick Unlock (biometrics, PIN) for 1Password. However, if you unlock the main 1Password app first, iOS Password Autofill should also let you access it using biometrics after that. If that's not happening for you, one of three things is going on:

    • Biometrics were disabled due to failure; re-enabling it by entering the password in the main 1Password app again would work in that case -- happens to me more with Face ID, where multiple attempts can be made inadvertently, but it also did from time to time with Touch ID.
    • Biometrics are not available as expected due to an OS issue.
    • Biometrics are not available as expected due to a device issue.

    For example, if you unlocked the main 1Password app first using your Master Password, tried to use iOS Password Autofill in an app (second) and were prompted for the Master Password, and then you are still able to unlock the main 1Password app using biometrics, something weird is going on with iOS Password Autofill.

    Most people are prompted for the password multiple times after setting up iOS Password Autofill initially (seemingly by design because this is fairly consistent, though Apple doesn't seem to have documented this behaviour or the reasoning behind it), but after that (typically we hear reports that this is less than ten times, but since no one was expecting to have to count this and testify later, that may not be exactly right; for me it was five in testing).

    As far as what might help resolve and/or narrow down the problem, if iOS Password Autofill somehow has some biometric disconnect, disabling and re-enabling biometrics in 1Password and iOS may help. Alternatively, if you're seeing symptoms like these only with regard to iOS Password Autofill checking 1Password's unlock state, the 1Password app on your device may be damaged, so reinstalling that should resolve it. If none of that works, it's going to be a deeper issue on the device itself, either in the OS or hardware, and you'd need to reach out to Apple for assistance.

    As far as the cause, I'd be curious if you restored this device from another when setting it up, and/or if you've made changes to your biometric settings in 1Password or iOS, or changed/setup iOS Password Autofill recently, as there may be some useful clues there as far as why you're experiencing this now and not in the past. Let me know what you find. :)

  • brentybrenty

    Team Member

    @jorhett: I'm not going to fight with you. I can't help you at all without your cooperation. If you'd like to continue troubleshooting this, you need to adhere to the guidelines you agreed to when doing the forum:

    Forum guidelines

    Please keep that in mind going forward.

    I apologize for not framing some of my earlier comments as questions, when I really do need some additional information from you. I'll try to rephrase things:

    1. Can you try reinstalling the app? If 1Password is damaged that can help.
    2. Can you try disabling and re-enabling biometrics in 1Password and iOS?
    3. Didyou restore this device from another when setting it up?
    4. Have you made changes to your biometric settings in 1Password or iOS recently?
    5. Have you changed/setup iOS Password Autofill recently?

    There may be a solution or clue that could lead to one there.

  • BenBen AWS Team

    Team Member

    Hi @jorhett

    I'm sorry for the continued trouble here. Could you please check the 1Password > Settings > Advanced > Security > Always show lock screen setting? Is that set the same on both the iPhone and the iPad?


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