Space to ask questions is short, my problem requires a longer explanation. How do I proceed

Well, that answers part of my question. During setup(which is ridiculously long and convoluted) a VERY long password was automatically generated which exceeded the space available to see it completely and which faced from L to R with a message saying that it was saved to my "Keychain". There was no indication that I could enter one for myself nor anyway to R click and save the password for copy. So believing that the password was saved and easily available to copy into the Emergency Kit I continued. Short story is that that mythical password is nowhere to be found. How do I locate it? Since it was an initial setup I can do nothing without it. Where is it?

1Password Version: Not Provided
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Not Provided
Sync Type: Not Provided
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  • 1pass word version: the newest
    Extension version: don't know what your talking about
    OS version: Mojave
    sync type: not relevant
    Refferer: not relevant.

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    Hi @mikenmary8!

    It sounds like you might have iCloud keychain enabled, or at least Keychain Access. Are you on a Mac? Can you try opening the Keychain Access app and look for your Master Password there? If you indeed saved it there, as you said in your first post, you should be able to locate it that way.

  • Oooo, just noticed this response. Um, I'm somewhat technical, but things like key chain actually scare me. Not catatonic "OH MY GOD" fear, just don't think I can deal with navigating Keychain. I'll open the app and see what I can find though and get back.

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    Sounds good! Please keep us posted :)

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