I want folders back [tags are used in 1Password 7 and higher]



  • I would like to see folders return as well. I don't need the "great flexibility" which tags offer, I just want my passwords to be found under a certain folder. Also tags don't give you an easy way to drag and drop your credentials. This is just a mess.

  • BenBen AWS Team

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    Hi @JornM

    We are working on a way to make it easier to apply tags on iOS. I hope to have more to share on this front soon. On Mac you can add an item to a tag by dragging and dropping the same way you could with folders.

    I hope that helps. :)


  • 1Password team member wrote: "Can you please clarify what you mean by "screwed up"? Everything that was possible in folders is also possible in tags from a structure point of view, so we you should be able to replicate the same structure you like."

    Not true. I have 1Password 6 on a Mojave Mac and a High Sierra Mac. I get tags on the Mojave version and Folders on the High Sierra version. Both 1P v6 apps have exactly the same build numbers (6.8.8 [688002]). On High Sierra I can make a New folder or a Smart folder under the File menu. No such choices in Mojave version. Why do I care? For one purpose I have a Smart folder that contains items with attachments.

    Are you going to be able to create a "Smart tag"?

  • BenBen AWS Team

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    Hi @yoyodyne2

    Thanks for taking the time to chime in with your concerns about Smart Folders.

    "Smart Folders" weren't actually folders at all (that was a misnomer that we borrowed from Apple). They would've been more accurately described as "saved searches." The differentiating factor for if they are available isn't the OS version you're using but rather whether you are using a 1Password membership or a standalone vault. Memberships don't have folders (or "Smart Folders" / saved searches). The reason for that is Smart Folders use a Mac specific technology, and so there was no way to replicate them in the cross platform environment that is 1Password membership.

    We would like to re-invent Smart Folders in a cross platform compatible way and bring them to memberships, if there is enough demand to justify doing so. Thus far I don't believe we've hit that threshold, but we'll certainly keep our ears open for additional feedback on the subject.

    In short the lack of Smart Folders is a completely separate issue from the migration from folders to tags, and they are unfortunately named.


  • Lemme make this simple.
    I have used 1Password for about ten years I believe. I have suggested 1Password to hundreds of clients over the years.
    Part of the reason I paid for pro features years ago is because I wanted folders.

    Put them back or I will take my business elsewhere.

    Don’t try to insult my intelligence by trying to tell me how great tags are. They aren’t the same. I don’t want to type into a field to search for what I want. I just want to tap into a few directories to where I know my items are. I will use tags in addition to folders, but I will not be forced to used them in place of folders.

    I know what I want.
    I want folders.
    I’ve never used a 1Password account.

  • ag_tommyag_tommy

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    Thanks for sharing your views. I do not know of any plans that the developers have for the future. However, it's nice to see 1Password users passionate about the product. Passion such as that can drive great discussions.

  • benkobenko
    edited January 11

    I am also pretty angry about Agilebits removing folders in the iOS app. It’s completely ridiculous to remove features I explicitly had paid for.
    Please guys, bring back folders for us who want or even need them. Just a simple option in the settings menu.

    Thank you guys for any effort to help us.
    Kind regards

  • ag_anaag_ana

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    Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts with us :+1: We will keep your feedback into consideration.

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