[Feature Request] Search bar for items

I would like to suggest a search bar for items in the vault.
We have this features in others apps like Dashlane.

This video explain better.

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  • This would be a really great addition!

  • BenBen AWS Team

    Team Member

    Hi folks,

    The reason we don't offer search there is because we wouldn't fill there anyway. This is an anti-phishing measure. It is designed to give people pause when encountering something like this example scenario:

    1. Search using a search engine for 1Password in an attempt to log in to 1Password.com
    2. Accidentally click on the result for iPassword.com ("eye password dot com") instead
    3. No login items appear because none are saved for iPassword.com.
    4. "I know I have a login item for 1Password.com! I'll just search for it and fill it that way."

    (I don't know what the contents of iPassword.com are but for example's sake lets assume it is a phishing site trying to steal credentials from 1Password users)

    Adding the appropriate URL to the entry after verifying you aren't being phished is the current solution. We don't want to further enable the sort of phishing attack I described. There have been some discussions internally about how we might be able to continue to warn people (perhaps even more overtly) when they might be encountering phishing while reducing the friction for scenarios like you've described. I can't make any promises at this stage but it is something we're aware of and would like to improve if we can do so in a secure way.

    Thanks for taking the time to write in about this. :)


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