Why is 1P keeping information on a vault that's not saved anywhere?

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I'm setting up a new iPhone and want to resolve this problem that must be related to iCloud Drive somehow (that's the only cloud service I've signed into on this device thus far), but none of the existing help topics I went through have worked.

The problem is that when I go to log into my personal 1Password account, it's giving me the option to add an "Existing" account. This works fine for my personal account, but there is another account from a previous employer that I no longer want anywhere, not even as an option.

I have tried:

And none of these are relevant or work (i.e., there's either no information there or it doesn't work). I've never used iCloud keychain, so I would be surprised to see if there's data there, but I also cannot think of another explanation.

My only other thought is perhaps there's something on my previous MacBook pro from my old employer that is associating my iCloud keychain with 1Password? But I deleted and reset the hard drive when I left, and it no longer shows up as a device on my iCloud account. I don't currently own a MacBook or iMac (using iPhone, iPad, and Windows for anything that can't be done on the first two), so finding the hidden files to delete them from any MacBook, let alone one I no longer am in possession of, is not a possibility (as suggested here).

I cannot get my previous employer to assist with this. Can someone tell me how to remove this extra account from any association with my iCloud information? Again, I've never used iCloud keychain, but I do believe I use iCloud sync for 1Password. The problem is that I cannot find the option to change where/how I'm syncing anywhere. All existing support articles/thread reference a location for this setting that, when I look in my personal account, doesn't have that setting available.

I have also tried erasing all 1Password data and re-installing, and no dice. But keep in mind--this is a BRAND NEW iPhone, so clean installs and such don't mean as much here (which also makes me think it's still something in iCloud I can't see).

EDIT: ACTUALLY, I don't think it's anything to do with iCloud. This is because I use 1Password on Windows as well and have no problems syncing at present; it must be 1Password's syncing...

1Password Version: 7.3.5
Extension Version:
OS Version: 13.0
Sync Type: iCloud


  • HenryHenry

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    Hi @whatisakeagan, apologies for the trouble.

    1Password for iOS and Mac (and separately, Android) remember 1Password accounts you were previously signed in to on any of your devices to suggest them when you start signing in to a 1Password account. The account's sign-in address, email address, and Secret Key are stored in your iCloud Keychain, so you only have to enter your Master Password. This has helped many folks not get locked out of their 1Password accounts due to lost Secret Keys :)

    Here's a great previous discussion on how you can remove saved account suggestions from that screen. A few possible methods from there...

    • You can completely turn off iCloud Keychain on your iPhone (and other Apple devices)
    • You can delete the account in question and then attempt to sign in using the suggestion there; after pressing Sign In, 1Password will recognize that the account has been deleted and remove the suggestion and aforementioned associated credentials from iCloud Keychain
    • From one of our developers: If you have a Mac that's signed into the same Apple ID as your iPhone you can delete those saved credentials using Keychain Access and looking for com.agilebits.onepassword.B5Credentials.

    Let me know how that helps and I'll be here for more anytime!

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