My master password is not working with the ios app

I upgraded my iPhone X to software ver. 12.4 and after phone reset my master password is not working, I have verified the master password is correct because it works on my window PC.

1Password Version: 7.3.5
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: 12.4
Sync Type: Not Provided


  • ag_anaag_ana

    Team Member

    Hi @Darrin!

    Can you please clarify something for us: did you update your phone to iOS 12.4, or did you also reset it afterwards?

  • I updated it to iOS 12.4 and then the phone reset after it updated.

  • ag_anaag_ana

    Team Member


    So your phone went back to factory settings after updating to iOS 12.4 and you had to reconfigure every app and setting from scratch, is this what happened?

    I am asking because a regular iOS update never resets your phone, so your 1Password app is not touched in the process. If your Master Password worked before the update, it will work after the update too.

    I suspect that your 1Password app on your iOS device and on your Windows device are configured differently. If you have a 1Password Membership, are you able to login to your 1Password account in a browser?

    If you do not have a 1Password Membership, are you using the same Primary vault on your iOS app and on your Windows app?

  • No, the phone just restarted after the iOS update. Everything was the same on my phone.

  • I do have a year membership that runs till next July

  • HenryHenry

    Team Member

    Ah pardon our confusion there then, @Darrin. A "reset" typically refers to factory reset variety, wherein your device is completely wiped.

    I doubt the issue is actually related to the update itself (beyond requiring your Master Password instead of Face ID one time), unless it changed something with how you're entering your Master Password. We've got some tips to that end in our forgot your Master Password guide here, such as trying your Master Password with/without accents/spaces and writing it in an offline notes app then copying it once you're sure you typed it correctly.

    In general, the usual cause of a discrepancy in Master Password to unlock the 1Password app between devices is having partially migrated to a 1Password account in the past. If you used to use a standalone Primary vault with Master Password A, then migrated to a 1Password account, which you set up with Master Password B, but left the formerly-needed standalone Primary vault on just one of your devices, then only that device wouldn't accept the new Master Password B to unlock (instead needing Master Password A).

    That might be what happened here: you may have signed up for a 1Password account recently, set it up with a different Master Password than your old standalone vault, and only removed the old standalone vault from your Windows PC (and not your iPhone), leaving the iPhone with the old Master Password.

    Let me know if that sounds possible, and whether or not you're able to open 1Password on your iPhone with an old Master Password (or by following the guide's tips I mentioned earlier). We'll be here to help more either way. :)

  • I did get an account recently, be for that I was just using the app on my iPhone, since I got the account I have been using the same Master Password on my PC, iPhone and iPad. The Master Password still works on my PC and iPad, I have not updated my iPad, but not my iPhone. I have copied and pasted the Master Password from an external note pad.

  • BenBen AWS Team

    Team Member

    Thanks @Darrin. Are you able to log in at ?

    My suspicion at this point, as Henry alluded, is that the migration from standalone to membership was not fully completed. I suspect you still have a vault called "Primary" on some of your devices. The way 1Password unlocks is:

    1. If a Primary vault exists then unlock using the Master Password for that vault, regardless of what, if any, memberships are signed in
    2. If a single 1Password membership is signed in then unlock using the Master Password for that membership account
    3. If multiple memberships are signed in then unlock using the Master Password of the first added membership

    These are each exclusive scenarios. For example, if multiple memberships are signed in, you cannot unlock 1Password using the Master Password of the second account that was added. It is possible your account password is different from the Primary vault password, which is what would be used to unlock the apps (again, assuming you do indeed have a Primary vault).

    If you look in 1Password on your PC or iPad do you see a vault called "Personal" or "Private"? If so that should have a login item in it for That item would contain the Master Password for your account.


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