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  • frameframe

    we've no plans currently to spend time re-creating WLAN Sync code in the fully-rewritten 1Password 7 for Windows.

    Maybe you should lock this topic then.

  • i think with the removal of local vaults in lastest iOS app they showed the truth behind the WLAN sync removal:
    just push customers forcefully to their cloud.

    i am curious how people will react when they lose the last option of local syncs.

    Windows <-> iOS is at least still possible via the 1PW 4 backdoor
    MacOS <-> iOS still working if local vault still present

    As i understand it, both options will be history with no more local vault on iOS?

    Also HOW this was just silently removed, with the latest app update with no mentions in the update notes is shady IMO
    for me it was the last push to migrate to a new solution, most likely enpass.

  • LarsLars Junior Member

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    i am curious how people will react when they lose the last option of local syncs.

    I'm not sure what you mean; local sync isn't gone. If you purchase a standalone license today for 1Password 7 for Mac, you can create as many vaults as you wish, and use 1Password 7 for Mac's WLAN server to sync them to 1Password for iOS. What's changed there is the ability, from the initial installation/first run, to create a standalone vault in 1Password 7 for iOS. There are no restrictions on syncing, whether via a 1password.com membership or to a local/standalone desktop version via WLAN (or even Dropbox or iCloud). It's not even the case that you have to have existing standalone vaults; as I mentioned, you can purchase a brand-new standalone license for 1Password 7 for Mac today, and create as many new standalone vaults as you wish. Hope that clarifies things.

    Stay safe out there! :)

  • so what happens when i setup 1PW freshly on a new iOS device?
    where is the data with all my passwords stored? on your cloud?

    Why did you removes this feature from iOS? What feature will be removed next without notice?

    Next step will be to silently remove local vaults from Desktop apps as well and then? cloud only.

    After that you guys will remove icloud, dropsbox and then it is 1PW only.

  • LarsLars Junior Member

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    edited July 12

    @exitstrategy - if you have 1Password on ONLY a single iOS device, you would be required to either:

    1, Sign into a 1password.com account
    2. Create a new 1password.com account, or
    3. Sync data from standalone vaults in a desktop app (1Password for Mac or 1Password for Windows).

    You no longer have the ability to create a vault within 1Password for iOS. But where the data is stored is a function of which of those options I just mentioned you choose: if you have a 1password.com account and you sign into it in 1Password for iOS, then yes, your data would be coming from the 1password.com servers. But if you choose to sync via WLAN, then your data would have only been on your Mac, synced directly via your own home network. And if you choose Dropbox or iCloud, then your data would be coming from those 3rd party cloud services.

  • I dont have a 1pw account and i guess i will never have one.
    what i dont like here is HOW you guys are trying to push people into subscription.
    if you gave customers choice: use local vault or 1PW cloud i would subscribe at a fair price

    but u are not giving people a choice who dont WANT TO / CAN NOT use a cloud service for sensitive data.
    and by secretly and strategically removing a feature that will push people more to your cloud service you will anger loyal customers.

    i was not happy with the WLAN sync feature removal in the Windows app 1PW7, yet i stayed, as i like the UI and as i was comfortable with my over the years built up 1PW data base at home. WLAN sync is still locally alive through the legacy 1PW4 app. A setup that you dont recommend.

    SO what is my choice now?
    yes, move somewhere else. as i dont want my passwords in ANY cloud. be it yours, dropsbox or icloud.
    Not sure why you dont want or can not understand this.
    i am certainly not the only customer with this preference.

    The way you guys did this, how you are communicating now, trying to justify it to remove this feature etc just tells me to avoid you in the future.
    Sorry this once likeable company with a great product developed this way.

  • brentybrenty

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    As has been the case for years, you can a) use 1Password with a membership, b) use 1Password by syncing a local vault yourself, or c) use something else. It sounds like you've decided on the latter, and that's fine. Just please do the research and understand the security model of whatever you end up adopting first. Take care, and stay safe out there.

  • gavin_ngavin_n

    Yeah this is bogus. I was happily using 1Password 4 and WLAN SYNC and that stopped working with a recent Android app update so I came looking to upgrade to 1Password 7 and now I find this out. So disappointing.

  • brentybrenty

    Team Member

    Thanks for getting in touch! Can you tell me about the trouble you're having with WLAN Server on Android? We haven't changed anything there, so there won't be a reason it won't work as far as 1Password itself. But some info about the problem you encountered might help lead to a solution.

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