I have an older 6.8.9 (6890001) not used for years. Should I upgrade?

Since unused many passwords are duplicates but I want to get protected.

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Referrer: forum-search:I have an older 6.8.9 (6890001) not used for years. Should I upgrade?


  • ag_anaag_ana

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    Hi @cowen3! Welcome to the forum!

    We recommend always using the latest version of the 1Password app. 1Password 7 includes hundreds of improvements and new features over 1Password 6.

    The best way to keep 1Password up to date is by using a 1Password Membership. It has been a far more popular choice and from the feedback we get, people prefer the ease that having a 1Password membership comes with (when it comes to things like managing backups, syncing, multi-device management etc.).

    Everything is included with memberships. All the devices you need are included for free, sync happens automatically, backups are taken care of straight away, everything you would expect is there. You get storage for secured documents, item history, watchtower, travel mode, ease of sharing with your family and more.

    I hope this helps! Have a wonderful day :)

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