How do I delete old vault info from Dropbox now that I have a subscription account?

I just switched from a license version to an individual subscription. I understand that an advantage of the subscription is that my data is synched via a 1Password server. I lose that benefit if the data from my license version remains on my computer or even on Dropbox. How do I clean up the old copies so that my data isn't somewhere unsafe?

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  • Corey_CCorey_C

    Team Member

    Hello @Ron Coffman,

    The old keychain file in your Dropbox folder is still encrypted by your Master Password and Dropbox isn't an unsafe place to store information. So, I wouldn't say your old data in Dropbox is unsafe. That said, if you want to delete it, just go to your Dropbox folder and delete the 1Password file in it. It would be either a AgileKeychain or OPVault file.

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