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Is there a way to run a report to identify "possible" duplicates? I know in most cases you can't guarantee that an entry is a duplicate, as small variations in URL or name may occur, but after import of our stuff into 1Password we have over 1300 password entries in there, and I keep running into duplicates. Having a report to list entries that have duplication's in name or domain would at least narrow down the search and cleanup process for me.

I guess I can do this manually by exporting to file and making a script, or using excel...but curious if there exists something, if someone has a good process for this. Don't want to remake the wheel. :)

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  • kaitlynkaitlyn

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    Hi @mattnlynn! That's a really good question. We do have a feature in 1Password for Mac that would be super useful in your situation, so I'm curious what platform you're on. It's not a feature that has come to 1Password X, so it'll only be available on macOS at this point. That said, it's something you'd really only need to do once, so if you do have a Mac (even if it's not your daily driver), you can utilize the feature, then go back to 1Password X with your items all cleaned up. Let me know! :)

  • I use Chromium Edge and PC. Another mac only thing...? Seems like a lot of stuff is mac only. Why such a big focus on the 10% market share, versus the 90% PC market share? (or is it a focus on IOS?)

  • kaitlynkaitlyn

    Team Member

    @mattnlynn – I see! I'm not aware of a way to automatically clean up duplicates in that case. How I've done it in the past is sort by title, and if there are two items with the same title, then I test to see which one is correct (if the passwords differ) and delete the other. That's something you'll be able to do in the 1Password for Windows app. :)

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