How do I tell 1password to update my password in more than one vault when the password is updated?

When I'm in the browser and on a website that asks me to update my password, I am only able to choose 1 of my vaults to update my password in when 1password pops up. So what that means is that the other vaults are stuck with the out of date password. Why am I not allowed to update ALL the vaults with the new password? In fact why would I ever even want to only update 1 vault with the up to date password?

1Password Version: 7.3.712
Extension Version:
OS Version: Windows 10 Pro - 10.0.17134 Build 17134
Sync Type: Not Provided
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  • Hi @stubbie,
    You are correct - 1Password will offer to save your password in the primary vault (or the one you choose in the settings).
    Since it's easy to switch vaults and sometimes you forget on which vault is active, it's done for your own safety. The other vault may be shared with other people and it can result in your personal passwords being shared with the people who have access to the shared vault.
    May I ask why do you have the same login in several vaults?

  • brentybrenty

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    @stubbie: Generally people keep things in separate vaults because they want them to be separate, both organizationally and cryptographically. Separate items, even within the same vault, are completely unrelated, and each have their own unique identifier (UUID). So a change to one will have no impact on any others, since, in the vast majority of cases, you would neither expect nor want modifying one item to affect others, as that would be confusing, and effectively result in data loss. Even if we wanted to do something like that, I'm not sure how we could possibly make it clear to the user in the UI that a change they are making to Item X in Vault Y would also affect Item Z, regardless of which vault it was in. Generally it's best to have the information for a single account exist in a single place so that you only have to update it there, and find all the information you need there later. Much less confusing, and easy to refer to and change at any time if needed. :)

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