1Password 7.3.705 Beta 4 update is available



  • Thanks for the info. I thought why 1Password X, for example, would get more betas and for Windows not often.
    Thanks again.

  • MikeTMikeT Agile Samurai

    Team Member

    Hi @r1ma,

    I thought why 1Password X, for example, would get more betas and for Windows not often.

    1Password X is more frequently updated because it is a young app that doesn't have all features yet, it is much younger than the Windows app for an example. For the first year when we ship 1Password 6 for Windows as a brand new app, we shipped a lot of updates quickly as we were adding new features and then it naturally slows down as we work on more complex features on top of a complex codebase. Every new feature we add, we have to test it internally against all previous features to make sure it all works together consistently and correctly; it's much easier and quicker when there's not many to test against in the beginning.

    There is a noticeable lull in our pace of updates on Windows right now because we're working on a major 1Password 7.4 update while adding smaller 7.3.x updates to ship soon. We'll explain why when we're closer to finishing 1Password 7.4.

  • @MikeT Thank you, dear, Mike, for the info. Today 7.4 released for iOS 13. Can we consider it as a sign that 7.4 for Windows is very close to releases?

  • bundtkatebundtkate

    Team Member

    It's honestly pure coincidence that version numbers are aligning right now, @r1ma, so I wouldn't read too much into that. iOS 13 is the trigger for that release as it's the version that includes all of the compatibility fixes and feature updates targeted at iOS 13 and iPadOS. That it so happens to be a version 7.4 is pure chance and not by design. In general, our development cycles for each platform are wholly independent and shaped by that specific platforms priorities and current pressing issues, so you'll see some significant disparity in release speed when one platform or another is working on a bigger project, like is the case with 7.4 for Windows.

    With that said, 7.4 is still moving forward. I still can't give a good ETA (and generally never feel too comfortable doing so with the bigger ones since there's more to test and more that can break), but we're plugging along and will absolutely share news whenever we have something worth sharing. :+1:

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