Filling in my personal information seems less functional than Chrome default.

I have been registering for many new accounts.

Before 1Password X, Chrome would quickly fill in my DOB, street address, name, phone number, etc.

Now, 1Password X offers my "Identity" card, but to use it I would have to copy and paste each individual component of my name, and my address is copied as a paragraph of text and not broken down for easy filling into the address info boxes.

1Password Version: 7.3.712
Extension Version: 1.16.2
OS Version: Windows 10 64 bit 1903 update
Sync Type: 1Password


  • Hi @slate,

    1Password does save the address as one field but in some websites, they separate those fields. You can try to manually edit your Identity card by adding new fields, that way it might work for you.
    1. Go to 1Password X, choose your Identity card and click Edit (a new tab will open).
    2. Under the Address section, you'll see address, phone, cell, etc... and on the bottom of the section you'll have "label new field". It will look like this:

    3. Write City in the label and the name of the city in the new field and continue adding fields until you've separated your address into different fields.
    Hope that'll work :)

  • Thank you very much for offering a workaround, but that is still a very tedious way to accomplish something that has been automated for a very long time and is not automated in 1Password X.

    BTW, in the USA, exactly zero web sites that I have seen accept addresses as a single combined field, and I've been on the internet since it was born. Perhaps it is more common in Europe to accept an address in a single block, but in the USA we have a standard postal address system and so we are able to use a predefined set of input fields. This makes it possible for Chrome and other browsers to save our address information and fill it in very accurately and completely automatically. I am also fairly sure that the old 1Password was able to fill in our individual fields in a smart way.

    My primary concern is the inability to automatically fill in the entire set of address fields. This ability is provided by default functionality in Chrome, but when 1Password X takes over, we seem to lose this.

    I am not requesting help in order to use a very tedious workaround (manually copying and pasting between 4 and 10 fields from 1Password X is **NOT **helpful). I am requesting that my browser work NO WORSE than it did before 1PasswordX was installed.

    Perhaps it would have been more clear if I had included the words "Bug" or "Regression" in the subject of my title. I will try to do that in the future.

    Have a good day!

  • ag_anaag_ana

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    I have just tried filling an Identity item on a website with 1Password X first, and then with the traditional browser extension, and both of them filled data on the page in the same way.

    May I ask you to try this once with the regular browser extension too and see if it really behaves differently for you or not?

  • @ag_ana, Do you happen to have a sample form that you use to test with 1Password? In the meantime, I will respond to the other threads and then look for one.

  • @ag_ana, I will go to Amazon and create a new shipping address! Be right back

  • I am sorry I am very tired. Please ask me to clarify anything that is unclear.

    Okay, so I click in an address bar entry field, press ctrl-shift-x, select Autofill, and it works. Ooops!

    There are several reasons why I had come to the wrong conclusion.

    Most of the times when I use my "Identity" card in 1PasswordX, I do not need to fill in my name, so I think that I must scroll down to the address part of my identity card.

    The "Autofill" button is at the very top layer of the UI (the very outside "wrapper" of the box of information). This makes me think "This button is for using ALL of the information on the card. But I do not need ALL of the information, so I will do more work." In many other programs I would be right, but 1PasswordX is smarter. I am just not used to it.

    The only thing that would have prevented me from complaining here would be:
    Add an "autofill" option to the address box along with "copy" and "large" This would enable me to use 1PasswordX in a less efficient way, so I don't think it is a good idea.

    I think I am just not experienced with using the "Identity" card. The "Identity" card has design tradeoffs with the default behavior of Chrome.

    With Chrome default, I would start typing into my form text box (or maybe just click in the box), and Chrome would just fill in all of the information. I would have dropdowns filled with options if there were multiple options. The dropdowns are displayed next to the relevant box, similar to the way 1PasswordX has a dropdown when creating a new login or selecting a saved login.

    Maybe the older 1Password worked the same way X does now, but I never used it because I was able to use Chrome's autofill at the same time.

    Everything I write below is probably not important, but it explains why I ended up concluding that the autofill function is worse. I simply made a mistake. I interpreted the user interface incorrectly, and did not trust that 1PasswordX was smart enough. I had an idea of how things would work, and I built my "world" of 1PasswordX around it and I was incorrect.

    When I scroll down to my address, I see "figure 1". It looks like my information might be combined together into a single box because the individual items have no labels (label for street, label for state, etc). This is "untrue evidence a".

    When I click on the address, I see that my options are "copy" and "large". If I select "copy" and paste into one of the form address boxes, of course all of my address comes together as a single block of text. This is "untrue evidence b".

    Untrue evidence a and b together make me conclude: "The way to fill only my address now is to copy items. Silly 1password has created an address for me in one big chunk which doesn't work. Now I must create a single item for each part of my address, and copy and paste each item one by one."

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    @slate – I appreciate you sharing your feedback with us! I honestly wouldn't have thought of things from this perspective, so it's nice to hear your use case. Just so we're clear, pressing the Autofill button on an Identity will fill all of the information that's able to be filled on the page. If you're only wanting to fill a single piece of info, I think the best option would be dragging and dropping that specific piece of info from the 1Password X pop-up into the proper field. Typically, when you're filling an address, you'll want to fill the entire Identity, though.

    I'm glad you took the time to explain your thought process. I understand what made you believe that 1Password saves your address as one block, but you're right in that it's not true. 1Password uses a very intelligent filling algorithm to determine what value should be put into what field. There's quite a bit going on behind the scenes that you can't see, so I get why you'd question 1Password X being smart enough. I hope it's proven you wrong! :)

    If you run into any issues or if you notice anything you'd love to see improved, please don't hesitate to reach out and explain what's going on in your head. We really do love hearing from users, and that's exactly how we continue to improve 1Password X. ❤️

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