Public API for integrating 1Password with other services

We integrate 1Password with ansible to manage the credentials for all our deployed systems. We would like to switch to 1Password Team accounts, but unfortunate the lack of a public API makes integration impractical. Although all the required functionality can be implemented using the op CLI as a pseudo API, the high overhead of launching a separate process for each op call makes its less than ideal when looking up the many credentials required for an ansible deployment. Just looking up 50 passwords takes over 70 seconds using op, compared to 0.1 seconds using our current system of a synchronized local vault. The 70,000% increase in time is all spent in op calls. An API would go a long way to making 1Password usable with 3rd party tools that need access to credentials.

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  • cohixcohix

    Team Member

    @mklassen Thanks for the feedback. There are two ways we are thinking about solving problems like this:

    1) We are currently working hard to improve the performance of op such that use-cases like this are greatly improved.
    2) We would love to provide a public API, but it's fairly difficult to do this in a user-friendly way due to how the encryption works. We are investigating multiple ways to make this work, but for now we don't have anything usable.

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