My wife and I have a shared email which is my primary email.

This email was used to setup our trial family account. My wife also has her own separate email acct too. Almost all our logins use the shared email. Can I have my wife added to my 1password account (with the master password etc.) or does she need to set her own up. Does she have access to the logins under the shared email (the vast majority)? Is it through the shared vault ( can that be set up so just the two of us have access?)?

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    @Dark: If you and your wife are happy sharing everything -- all 1Password data and the Master Password/Secret Key protecting it -- you may just stick with an individual 1Password membership that you both use together. 1Password Families is a good option for folks who want to securely share some stuff but not everything, with both their spouse and other family members, and have their own Private vault and a Master Password of their choosing. The family Shared vault is accessible to everyone invited to the family membership, but other vaults can be created to share with some, all, or none of the family. I hope this helps. Be sure to let me know if you have any other questions! :)

  • That is helpful. My wife has several logins under her email. In that case, she should set up her own account with a master password under the family account for those logins. Is that correct?

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    That's correct :)

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