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Hi, I am just starting out and import from a CSV which seems (limited but) straight forward, but once I have imported I don't see a way to then import new information, or update existing information of existing items.
If I import the same items in again, with or without any changes to the csv data, new items are created. How to update existing items using the import feature.

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  • brentybrenty

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    @glenbellamy: Can you tell me why you're trying to import the same data multiple times? There isn't a way to have that not result in separate items because that would cause data loss in most situations. But I may be able to suggest something, if you can help me understand what you're trying to accomplish.

  • Hi, thanks for the reply. This is related to my post regarding changing the Custom Field labels when importing.
    When I import my 600+ items from my CSV file, all goes well. I can even import custom field using this CSV. (except the issue with Field Label still remaining "Field 6 or Field 7 etc)
    Once I have imported my items, I would like to know if I can then import NEW data into all those items. Maybe I want to add a field called "Owner" and add a persons name to this custom field, as the owner of the password. Or add a new custom field called "Project" and it will contain the project name/number this password relates to.
    I cant see a way to do this at present, as importing creates new items, it does not update existing ones. Obviously there would need to be a key/unique field for uniquely identifying items.
    Is it possible to add new data, or update existing data to items already in 1Password using the import function?


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    I've replied to your other post. I'm happy to help you get your data imported as you want. The native 1Password CSV importer won't do what you want.

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