Getting “” would like to access files in your Desktop folder - constantly

Upgraded to Catalina, everything was fine with 1Password except I cannot get rid of this authorization popup. No matter if I click Don't Allow or OK it just reappears. I have verified numerous times that 1Password has the right permissions in security settings, and I have toggled those setting back and forth a few times as well. Rebooting does nothing. Any clues?

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  • I guess I'm the only one?

  • I am getting this same message when I reboot my mac under Catalina. Under Security & Privacy > Privacy > Files and Folders the Documents Folder is checked under the 1PasswordAgent

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    Hi folks,

    How are you syncing your 1Password data? What do you see under 1Password > Preferences > Sync (if that tab is available)?


  • No Sync options shown. This is really annoying, all updates to Catalina are done, and the "" is constantly in in a unresponsive state. You cannot dismiss the error message which acts like a modal window, which BTW continues to function. IOWs, I can open the Preferences>Security>Files and Folders pane and I can click the modal "OK" or "Don't Allow" and watch it change the state of the permissions in the preference pane; yet the modal never goes away. (and yes, I know I am using "modal" incorrectly, but it acts just like it a modal window should, except that I can get control of parent windows with it present, I just need to drag the window to a place on the screen where it doesn't interfere with work)

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    @dva123: To clarify, we do not have any control over macOS dialogs. But yeah, that sounds like a pain. is part of 1Password for Mac version 3 -- so, super old. If you're using a more recent version, and hopefully you are, you can simply Trash its support folder, restart, and you should be all set:

    ~/Library/Application Support/1Password/

  • So, I had been a 1Password customer, as you can see, for a very long time. I am running the latest version, and it was certainly not me that failed to clean up old files; 1Password's installers should have caught this long ago. It's too bad it took 3 weeks for you guys to respond to what now seems like a simple fix. Unfortunately I was forced to fix it myself by installing Dashlane.

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    Or you could have just uninstalled the old version years ago when you no longer needed it. It's not our place to decide for you what you keep on your system.

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