Syncing Dropbox vaults before completing update to 1Pass7

I have a MacBook Air w/1Pass 6 using a Dropbox vault and an iMac recently updated to an 1Pass7 membership and using the same Dropbox vault. I realize now that sync between the two Macs stoped with the upgrade to 1Pass 7 in Oct. and that 1Pass isn’t working in the iMac Safari browser. If I don’t sync the Dropbox vault between the two machines before transitioning it to the 1Pass 7 account I’ll never get this straightened out and I don’t know where to start. I need help.

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    Hi @bjoy! Welcome to the forum!

    We will be happy to help you with this. I noticed that you also sent us an email about this issue, and that my colleague Garrett has been helping you over there for the last few days already. So we don't duplicate the answers, let's keep the conversation going over email.

    ref: GNB-83896-135

  • Just got a response from Garrett so I'm continuing there.

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    Sounds good :+1::)

  • I responded to Garrett’s request for a diagnostic from both my Macs but his subsequent advice was to “migrate the 1Password data on your MacBook Air to your 1Password account” per instructions on the 1PW info page. My response is below:
    The Preferences>Sync window on my MacBook Air states that the app was last synced 14 weeks ago. Can you give me some assurance that migrating this obsolete data to my new 1Password account won’t cause problems when we then use the iMac to migrate the current Dropbox vault data to the new 1Password vault which will then contain the old data?
    I’ve waited two days for a response but have gotten nothing, my only choice now is to try again here at the Forum. I need advice on how to 1) re-sync my laptop W/1Pass7 to Dropbox (connection was lost when I upgraded to 1Pass7) before changing both the laptop and my iMac from Dropbox to a new 1Pass7 vault or 2) Link my laptop now to a new 1Pass7 vault using it’s obsolete data and then convert my iMac with current Dropbox data to the same new 1Pass7 vault containing obsolete data from the laptop and hope 1Pass7 either me choose which data set to write to the vault or knows how to resolve the two data sets. If #1 is the safest way to go I need some advice on how to proceed, if #2 is safe then let me know and I’ll proceed per the instruction page on “Migrating 1Password data” then do the same on the iMac. Please let me know which way to go.

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    Rather than trying to have the same conversation in multiple places, which slows down response times for everyone, I'll close this and we'll continue the conversation via email. Thanks for your patience.

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