1Password X not able to auto-detect QR code in the page for NS1 Dashboard

https://my.nsone.net/ offers for ways to setup 2FA authentication via QR code scan.
1Password X confirms it is aware that they offer 2FA at NS1 services.

But when I am in their dashboard,
and I click on the QR code icon in the browser extension for 1Password X,
it is not able to auto-scan the QR code (which is cleary visible, by eye, is in an html canvas).
You can test yourself, they offer opportunity to create FREE accounts and setup 2FA for them.

The QR code scan feature used to work great, by the way, for all other web pages so far in these months.
Great job, I'm sure you can fix this too easily. I also reported this to the NS1.com support, maybe their QR code or page has something different.


1Password Version: X
Extension Version: X
OS Version: OS X
Sync Type: Not Provided


  • kaitlynkaitlyn

    Team Member

    Hi @thepianist90! That's interesting. I just gave it a try myself after creating a free account, like you mentioned, and the QR code scanned correctly for me.

    Did you receive an error when you clicked the QR code scanner button in 1Password X or did nothing happen for you?

    I did notice one strange thing about the Login item that was originally saved for this site. The registration page is actually a different URL than the sign in/2FA page, so I made sure to add https://my.nsone.net as an additional website URL in my item. I wonder if you'll have any better luck after doing the same.

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