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I have a lot of issues when I try to change a password on a website that has 3 or 4 of the following fields:

Email/Account name:_____________
Current Password:_______________
New Password:_________________
Retype New Password:___________

So which ever way I try to fill in the current password and try to generate a new one, always ends up as a messed up situation.

I use CMD + / to bring up 1Password, I click autofill, it fills all 3 password field with the "current" password.
I manually have to delete the new password and retype new password field and I have to click CMD + / to bring up 1Password again in order to click generate Password, when I click it the password copies to clipboard, I manually paste it to "New Password" and "Retype New Password" field, then have press OK. I don't get a pop up message to update the password and I have to click AGAIN CMD + / to open up 1Password, search for the website I changed the password and manually paste it.

Its frustrating! Am I doing something wrong?????

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  • BenBen AWS Team

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    Hi @gmaister22

    We have a guide on the recommended procedure available here:

    Change your passwords and make them stronger | 1Password

    If you're following the guide and are having trouble with a particular site could you please post the URL of the site here?



  • Hey, it was

  • YaronYaron

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    Hey @gmaister22 ,

    Did you try following the instructions in the link the Ben provided?
    I did sign up for a test account on that website and tried to change the password. In the "Current password" field, I was able to autofill my current password with 1Password. However, in the "New password" field, when I generated a new password in 1Password, it also autofilled the "Current password" field, which might be the source of confusion there, since it overwrites the actual current password with the newly generated password.

    Here's what I suggest you try:

    • Get to the change password page.
    • Generate a new password and copy it. Paste it in the new password and confirm new password fields.
    • Autofill your current password at the end.
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