Suggestion (This is a biggie request)... making 1pass information accessible from the internet

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Big request coming up ;)

After I started using 1password I've reset all my login-passwords for internet services with the strong-pass-generator, i.e. making me 100 % dependent on having 1password accessible at all times. At work, at my friends places and on public computers 1password is not installed and I have to fetch my login information from the iPhone ... This takes quite a long time (especially for the passwords which I need my master key to access. The fact that most of my passwords are 25-30 random characters/numbers/symbols also complicates things)...

What I would love is a feature akin to what Webjimbo does for Yojimbo; it is basically a web interface that makes it possible to access the database from any modern browser just by pointing it to a certain url. You then just login with your credentials and gain full access to the database.. Another option would be to have a "browser within the browser" ("a play within the play", ref. Hamlet) where you can hit a certain bookmark and automatically be forwarded and logged in to that page (like with allbookmarks).

For my proposal to work your computer "at home" needs to be logged in and running the web-service-client. NAT portforwarding also has to be activated in a potential router. Today I run Webjimbo and a few other services (Airvideo, iTunes library, Transmission etc ...) from a server in my basement and I would love to be able to toss 1password into the mix as well ...

Any thoughts on this? ...



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    You can already do this. Your 1Password database file contains a full web interface. To access it, just right-click on 1Password.agilekeychain and select "show package contents". Open "1Password.html" in your browser. If you want to be able to access this file remotely and still have it synced automatically, dropbox seems to work well and is the generally recommended solution by Agile.
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    Haha, thats awesome!

    Thanks for the help :)
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    Hi there! But what is with editing or adding entries? That would be a reasonable feature too! Is this planned for future updates and what rough timeline do have?

    Thanks in advance!
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    Sorry, I forgot to mention that in my 1password anywhere web interface the category wallet also displays entries from the category identities - is there a workaround for that?
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