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I have lost and forgotten my master password. I can access my account with finger print on Android phone but desktop is a no go. Is there anything to be done?

If I switch to a new phone now do I have to delete my whole account and start from scratch?


  • Yulka1355Yulka1355
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    Hey, @salakurtti, before switching to the new phone and lose everything, go to your Android phone and unlock it with the fingerprint, run a search in your logins and look for something that looks like "1Password Account ". It should contain your master password.
    When you open up the account at the very beginning, it saves your login in 1Password, I guess, for cases like this :)
    Don't forget to save your data someplace safe after you find your master password, because you won't be able to retrieve it if it's lost.

    Here you can see other steps you can do in order to try and retrieve it:

    Good luck!

  • BlakeBlake

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    As you know, for your security, your Master Password is never transmitted over the Internet, never logged locally, never known to us at 1Password, and is the only way to decrypt your data.

    To that end, we have no way of being able assist with recovering that Master Password. Ensure you've tried all of the options listed here. If after trying all options listed in the hyperlinked article above, then unfortunately you’ll need to delete your 1Password data and start over.

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