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First off, thank you to all of the Administrators, Moderators and "Forum Choreographers" for the wealth of information and dialog regarding Cloud Syncing with 1Password!

Having read through this topic, I understand that as of June/July, Dropbox was the only solution which provided the necessary APIs for cloud syncing with iOS devices and that Agile's development resources are limited. Unfortunately, Dropbox is not a solution that I am permitted to utilize in my corporate work environment. I understand that the 1Password developers may also be looking into iCloud syncing, however OS X Lion is not currently a supported OS option at work either. I do, however, have an "IT-approved" solution cloud syncing solution in box.net. And I understand from their developer site that they do provide mobile/iOS APIs.

Is there any chance a box.net syncing solution may be in the works? I've not seen this specific solution addressed in this forum and it's been a few months since there was activity on this topic. Perhaps you can shed some light with a brief update?


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    Box.net just gave me 50GB of data. I just may start using them more. Wonder what their mobile API look like. I presume smarter men and women than me will let us know.
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    Welcome to the forums, AronEA! Thanks for asking about this. :-)

    Free Box.net accounts only provide cloud storage rather than cloud syncing. Box Sync is only available to Box Business and Enterprise customers. The difference is important and it is part of what makes Box.net unsuitable at this time for our needs.

    From our recent blog post on the subject:

    Dropbox does two things that no other system (yet) does. It provides the necessary programming tools (APIs) for all of the platforms that we support: OS X, Windows, iOS, Android, and Windows 7 Phone; and it provides syncing to truly native filesystems on the Mac and PC.
    The short answer to “Have you considered X as an alternative sync solution” is “Yes” for every value of X that people have asked about. We have considered them, and have had to reject them for various technical reasons.
    Everything else we’ve looked at (and we have looked at many things) suffers not only from the same problems we saw with WebDAV, but they also lack usable APIs for all the platforms we need to support. It may be possible, for example, to sync data to an Android or iOS device using SugarSync or Wuala, but it isn’t possible to sync that data in a way that would make it available to 1Password on those devices.

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