Android PayPal App Auto-Filling

It's been half a year or more since this issue was brought up.
Any progress with Android PayPal App auto-filling issues?

1Password Version: Latest
Extension Version: Latest
OS Version: Android 8.0.0
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  • brentybrenty

    Team Member

    I don't see any previous posts from you about this, so let me know if there's some additional context I'm missing. But I believe I know what you're referring to, and we don't have control over the PayPal app. It simply does not support Android Autofill. If we can find some other way to get 1Password to work there, we will. But they appear to be using some kind of wrapper, which does not play well with accessibility either.

  • I arrived at this post after noticing that there's plans to remove the keyboard from 1 password for Android. I understand that 1 password can't control apps that don't support autofill, but at this point autofill only works on maybe 2/3 of the apps I use.

    For the other 1/3 of the apps I generally switch the keyboard and use the 1 password keyboard and it's always been reliable. This is going to be a big pain point for me. So I'm sad to see the keyboard going away.

    Is there any way to make something more reliable with the autofill UI? For instance in PayPal the autofill UI is triggered and I can select a login to try and fill but the info is unable to be filled. When cases like this happen if I could long press on the login when I'm selecting which account to fill and it copied the password, that would let me work with apps like PayPal much more easily.

    Are there any plans to add features like this for apps that don't support autofill? Or are we going to be stuck having to switch to the 1 password app, searching, copying, app switching, then pasting?


  • Interestingly found another post where this same issue with PayPal is discussed from 2 years ago:

    The suggestion for working around there is to use the keyboard... Which is now being removed :( are there updated workarounds?

  • andiAGandiAG

    Team Member

    Hi @boushley, there are indeed updated work arounds, unfortunately they don't work with the PayPal app, but they should work in most places if the Autofill prompt isn't appearing:

    1. If the Autofill prompt doesn't appear by itself then it can usually be manually triggered by long pressing a login field and then, from the context menu that appears, tap Auto-fill (if you see "Paste" then tap ⋮ and then Auto-fill).

    2. Open the offending app and 1Password in split-screen and drag and drop your details from 1Password into the other app. This guide shows a bit more detail on that:

    Unfortunately PayPal don't support split-screen either, so in this instance you'll need to copy/paste your login into the app.

  • One day, I will test out your suggestion. As of the time of writing the original post, paypal ALSO had this nifty security feature in which it would reset the username/password if the user switched between apps (in this case, to copy/paste login info). I'm not very hopeful, but maybe this is no longer the case.

  • periperi

    Team Member

    @ericchase Unfortunately it does indeed look like this remains the case. :(

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