import chrome passwords csv locally without uploading?

Just installed 1Password 7.4 on MacOs and would like to import a list of passwords from Chrome saved as a csv file. Is there a way to do this locally with the app and without uploading the csv to the web site? Does the page at upload the csv to the web site? Or does it somehow process it in the browser and the data stays locally on the computer? Please explain how this works without uploading the plaintext data to the website. Thanks.

1Password Version: 7.4
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: MacOs 10.15
Sync Type: no
Referrer: forum-search:import passwords from chrome locally


  • BenBen AWS Team

    Team Member

    Hi @upcountry

    While may look like a traditional website it doesn't work like a traditional website. We've tried to bring some level of clarity about this by referring to it as a 'web application' instead of a website. The real simplified version of what happens is that your browser downloads the web app and runs it locally on your computer. All of the data processing and encryption is handled within your web browser, not on the server. All 1Password data is encrypted before it is sent to the server, and is transmitted to the server through an encrypted tunnel. :)


  • OK thanks ~ that mostly clarifies it. But I tried dropping the csv on the import page with the network connection disabled and it didn't work. So, specifically, is any of my individual password data imported via the csv uploaded to the server, encrypted or not ?

  • robrob Agile Customer Care

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    edited December 2019

    Hi, @upcountry.

    When you import a CSV using the web app, the unencrypted data is processed in your browser without leaving your computer, and it's transformed into a format that 1Password uses internally. Once that transformation is done, the data is encrypted, again in your browser without needing a network.

    However, after the imported data has been transformed and encrypted, it is uploaded to the server, where it is stored fully encrypted so that your other 1Password apps can download it and decrypt it for your use. It's this final step that will fail if you disable the network connection.

  • OK thanks for your responsiveness ~ is there a way to import the csv into a local vault without a network connection ? Say if Advanced > create vaults outside is enabled ?

  • brentybrenty

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    @upcountry: The 1Password desktop apps have an import feature as well in the File menu.

  • Thanks. Wish I had seen that first. That's all I wanted to do was import a Chrome export locally and never sync it or upload it anywhere. I saw another article that I can't seem to locate that could read the encrypted Chrome password file directly and without need of exporting a cleartext csv of the data. Perhaps you could build that into the app since there are many other import methods.

  • BenBen AWS Team

    Team Member

    I saw another article that I can't seem to locate that could read the encrypted Chrome password file directly and without need of exporting a cleartext csv of the data.

    Hmm. That's interesting. If you find it please let us know. :)


  • MrCMrC Community Moderator

    @upcountry @Ben

    The chrome converter in the converter suite decodes the Chrome auto-fill database directly.

  • That's the one. Thanks.

  • BenBen AWS Team

    Team Member

    Neat. :) Thanks.


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