Groups not synchronizing

Hi All,

We have been running the 1Password SCIM Bridge with Azure AD for some time now, but lately I've noticed that group memberships aren't synchronising anymore.

Users are still being created without problems, but it won't synchronize group membership anymore.

What I've done:
Updated the SCIM bridge to the latest Docker image (1.2.1)
Redeployed the Redis cache

I've also noticed some errors in the logfile (below is just one example of them):
ApplyUserFieldOperation encountered unsupported op.Path phoneNumbers[type eq "mobile"].value, skipping..

Anyone got any idea on how to fix this, it's quite annoying...

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Extension Version: Not Provided
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  • duncan_1Pduncan_1P

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    Hi @tsterk, thanks for your message. :smile:

    The 1.2.1 update fixed an issue with group synchronisation that sound very similar to the issue you're describing.

    Please try clearing the current state and restarting synchronisation in Azure. Here's how:

    1. Navigate to the 1Password application in your Azure AD Portal
    2. Click Provisioning in the sidebar
    3. Check 'Clear current state and restart synchronization'
    4. Click 'Save', then 'Yes' on the confirmation

    If this doesn't resolve the group sync issue could you save the logs from your SCIM bridge and send them to [email protected] so we can take a closer look. Thanks!

  • Thanks! That did the trick.

  • duncan_1Pduncan_1P

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    That's great to hear @tsterk, thanks for letting me know. :smile:

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