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JadCJadC 1Password Alumni

Hello again!

I am trying to sign into the AgileBits forum at this URL using 1P X:, but when I do command+shift+X, it fills the input but right justified. Same with the password field:

Also, in Chrome I am able to unlock 1P with command+shift+X but in FF it is saying I have to unlock with command+period. Why is this?

1Password Version: Not Provided
Extension Version: 1P X FF 1.6.3
OS Version: Not Provided
Sync Type: Not Provided


  • JadCJadC 1Password Alumni

    Update: seems to occur on a lot of sites. Here is Yahoo for example:

    I am simply just clicking command+shift+X a bunch of times and the input text seems to shift alignment.

  • MitchMitch

    Team Member

    Hi there @jadchaar,

    Command-Shift-X was already taken in Firefox, unfortunately. It changes the direction of text in fields (for languages like Arabic and Hebrew) and there's nothing we can do to override that, so we had to choose a different shortcut.

    The shortcut to open the pop-up in Firefox is Command-Period. Interestingly, this was the original shortcut we used in 1Password X for Chrome, which we had to change because of a Chrome bug. Finding an unused, working keyboard shortcut in a web browser is tough. :)

    In a future beta we'll add the ability to change the keyboard shortcut to something you like better.


  • JadCJadC 1Password Alumni

    Well that explains things... Would I be able to remap Command+Shift+X to 1P X and turn it off in FireFox in the future?

  • bundtkatebundtkate

    Team Member

    @jadchaar: It doesn't look like Firefox readily allows you to modify keyboard shortcuts and instead appears to recommend an extension if you need to do so. You can find their support article discussing this here. I've also read about some limitations in the shortcuts even the extension is able to modify, so your mileage may greatly vary if you do go that route. My inclination would be to stick with Command-Period, unless something changes and Firefox simplifies shortcut modifications.

  • JadCJadC 1Password Alumni

    That is a shame, but understandable! Already getting used to command-period :)

  • beyerbeyer

    Team Member

    @jadchaar: Although Firefox doesn't have a native UI to change extension keyboard shortcuts (like Chrome), we should be able to add support for changing keyboard shortcuts to our settings page. However, I'm not positive of the exact keys and modifiers that will be available to use. I know we spent way more time than I'd like to admit testing keyboard shortcuts on Google Chrome due to many not working when the documentation said they would. To make matters worse, during my exhaustive testing, we discovered that many keyboard shortcuts might work on Mac but not Windows or Linux and vice versa. We will do our very best to try and stay as consistent as possible within the limitations of the various browsers and platforms we need to work with and add reasonable options when necessary.

    Thanks for your support!


  • Hi guys, this happens in google chrome extension aswell. i'm an arabic and must of the sites i visit is RTL and it happens what JadC described

  • UPDATE: the issue was on the master 1password X. it's fine with the beta version :chuffed:

  • ceceliacecelia

    Team Member

    I'm happy to hear the 1Password X beta sorted things out for you, @Emad! Thanks for letting us know. :)

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