is using autofill on android safe with chrome ?

Maybe a bit paranoid, but after installing 1password on my android note 8 I had to search for and explicitly enable the autofill option. I'm wondering (since it was disabled by default and kind of hidden) - is it actually safe to use if I'm browsing with Chrome ? The main reason I ask is that I notice online there are issues about whether chrome fully supports the autofill API, and wondered whether 1password might be using some kind of copy/paste to mimic the autofill. Since the only info I found on this support forum is the general 'how to' on autofill (which doesn't list chrome among supported browsers), I'm wondering : Is this something I should be doing ? Am I better advised to (re)-disable it ?

1Password Version: 7.3.4
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: 9
Sync Type: Not Provided


  • andiAGandiAG

    Team Member

    Hi @breathe67, Autofill in Chrome is definitely something that we support and recommend that you use. :)

    Rest assured that Autofill in Chrome is not copy/pasting your data.

    When 1Password is first set up on your device, there's supposed to be a window which encourages you to turn on both Fingerprint Unlock and also Autofill, I'm sorry if you didn't get this for any reason. If you head into the 1Password app and tap Settings then you'll see an Autofill section where this feature can also be turned on/off, sorry if you had to go digging in your device's settings to find the same thing.

    Autofill support in Chrome arrived after some other browsers (and via something called Autofill Compatibility Mode), which might explain why you're finding posts about it in these forums, but it is still Autofill and we recommend using it.

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