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I have a problem with setting up dropbox sync on my ipad app. Syncing works fine when I use wifi, but I would like to get it set up with dropbox as I have with my mac and iphone 1password apps.

The problem I have is what password is required on the dropbox sycn screen when it asks for account and password? I tried both my dropbox password and 1password master password and neither of these work. It states on the screen that the password can be different than the password used for Dropbox.

Please advise.


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    Your master password does not have to be the same between 1Password for Mac/Windows and your 1Password iOS app(s). Many users like to have a less-complicated one for 1Password iOS apps because of the interaction using the much smaller virtual keyboard. Because they do not have to be the same, they are never synced from one device/platform to another.

    There are a lot of passwords and codes to keep track of. (That's why you probably bought 1Password in the first place. ) I'll give a "glossary" of the ones used in Dropbox syncing.

    * iOS device passcode - used to unlock your iPhone or iPad when first turning it on

    This is unrelated to 1Password, but you will obviously need it in order to access your iOS device if you have it enabled (which we strongly recommend).

    * 1Password for iPhone unlock code - used to unlock 1Password for iPhone and gain access to low-security items and settings

    This makes it easier to switch back and forth between apps without having to type in a longer, more complicated master password every time.

    * 1Password for iPhone master password - used to gain full access to all 1Password for iPhone data

    You will be prompted whenever you are trying to access a high-security item (beyond the Auto-Lock timeout duration) or a setting that requires further authentication. Called "Master password for iPhone" during Dropbox setup.

    * 1Password for iPad master password - used to gain full access to all 1Password for iPad data

    You will be prompted for this every time you launch 1Password for iPad.

    * Dropbox password - used to login to the Dropbox application and website

    This is only related to 1Password insofar as it is required to access your data file for Dropbox-based syncing.

    * 1Password master password for Mac or PC - used to gain full access to 1Password for Mac and/or Windows and 1PasswordAnywhere

    This can be thought of as the "main" password. All your data can be accessed with this password. Even if you lose your iOS device(s), you can set up Dropbox syncing on a new device using this data file and password. You are only prompted to enter it on your Mac or Windows computer and when accessing 1PasswordAnywhere. If your 1Password for iOS master password is different than this password, you will be prompted to enter it when setting up Dropbox syncing on your iOS device, otherwise, you will not be prompted for this anywhere in 1Password for iOS. Called "Master password on Mac or PC" during Dropbox setup.

    All of these passwords are set independently, so it is up to you if they are all identical or unique. We recommend always using unique passwords for everything, but the choice is yours.

    I hope that helps. Please let me know.

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