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I have come across this situation several times. I am far from the computer where I have my 1Password and I need to open a website/account where the password is long and complex.
When I face this situation, instead of typing character by character looking at the password through the mobile app, I prefer to open Whatsapp Web in the browser of this computer that I need to enter the login, copy my password through the 1password mobile and send the password by whatsapp for a group that only has me. So I'm going to Whatsapp Web, copy the password I sent in this group and paste it on the website/account that I need to access. It works, but it is very uncomfortable.

It would be very interesting if have a link on the 1password website next to the Blog link, called QR Code. When clicked on that link, would open a page with a QR Code to scan. Then I would go to the 1Password Mobile App, unlock it, go to the login I need to send to the browser, and within each login screen a QR Code function would appear (or Send via QR Code, or just an icon),click in this function, then open the camera of the cell phone and I would scan this QR Code of the site, and my login and password would appear so I can copy and paste it where I need to put. Only the data from this login that I need, and not all the data. And they could have a useful life of 30 seconds, after that, the website would refresh the page and return to the QR Code.

This would solve the problem when we are away from the computer (at a friend's house, at college or on vacation for example) and we need to place the login on some website or system on other computers.


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  • YaronYaron

    Team Member

    Hey @viniciusmi00 ,
    Thanks for the interesting suggestion.

    However, I think you're missing some core functionality of 1Password that should make your life a lot easier. You can use 1Password on your mobile phone to autofill whatever you need. If you set 1Password as an autofill provider on your phone's settings, it will show up when you are in text/password fields and will allow you to autofill rather quickly.

    In rare cases where you do need to manually go to the app and copy a password - the easiest and shortest method is not by going to the computer and scanning a QR code, but rather these simple steps:
    1. Open and unlock 1Password.
    2. Tap the search bar at the top and start typing the name of the login/website you need. 1Password will find what you need in the first 3-4 letters you type in.
    3. Copy the credentials and paste them where you need.

    This is a much simpler and shorter process than going to the computer, opening 1Password there, finding the login, opening it in a QR code, opening 1Password on your phone and activating the camera, scanning the QR code and getting what you need. :)

    Let me know if you require further clarification on this.

  • I don't think you understood me well.
    I am not very good at explaining things.

    The problem is when you want to login in other computer, because your personal/job computer is not near you.
    Example: You are in the college laboratory and need to enter a login and password on Github, through the laboratory computer.
    And the password is huge.

    Did you understand?

  • YaronYaron

    Team Member

    Hey @viniciusmi00 ,
    Thank you for clarifying, I now understand your issue :)

    So what we recommend in situations like these is that you use worded passwords instead of random passwords.
    Worded passwords are much easier to type in and handle manually, and they are still as strong and secure as a random password. For Example, here's a 30 characters long random password I just generated in 1Password: [email protected]CksZ.yFbfq!LQxx
    And here's a memorable 6 words password I generated: betoken-spatial-budget-cull-surreal-jostle

    Both passwords are equally strong but the memorable worded password is MUCH easier to type and even possible to remember by heart.
    I strongly recommend you change your needed logins' passwords to memorable passwords like the one I generated here to demonstrate, and it will make your life a lot easier when needing to type your passwords in a temporary/public device.

    You can get to the passwords generator in your 1Password apps and change it from random passwords to memorable passwords, or you can do so here:

    I hope this will greatly help your workflow :)

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