Ugly Title Bar in 7.4

I understand that the title bar was changed in 7.4 so that the 1Password window would animate correctly, but please change the title bar/menu bar's color. The white title/menu bars look awful when the rest of the system is in dark mode (and when the left bar is darker). I understand that you have not yet released dark mode for Windows, but the title bar should at least be consistent with the OS color. This applies to both the full window app and the mini viewer.

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  • MikeTMikeT Agile Samurai

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    Hi @tmakaro,

    Thanks for writing in.

    It is supposed to use your OS accent colors as shown here:

    Maybe check with your OS color settings again? Maybe this one:

  • tmakarotmakaro
    edited March 11

    There are few problems with that work around.

    1. It changes the title bars of all programs. File explorer, Chrome, Windows Terminal etc. I do not want this.
    2. It adds a 1px coloured border.
    3. The colour only appears while the window is in focus.
    4. It does not colour the menu bar which still looks bad.

    Windows Terminal recently had a similar issue and turning on that setting was proposed as a solution but it was overwhelmingly rejected. See

    While I was looking at this problem, I noticed that Spotify does not animate windows correctly either. Their custom title bar may be the issue, but I didn't notice the problem for years.

    One of the things that I've always liked about 1Password is the attention to design. It looks good. Until now.

  • MikeTMikeT Agile Samurai

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    Hi @tmakaro,

    Unfortunately, we sometime have to prioritize stability over design and this is one of them. Custom titlebar had a lot of issues, not just broken system animations, missing shadows, but also with focusing, DPI-awareness, and so much more. When we were trying to investigate the cause, we started out with a simple non-custom titlebar and couldn't reproduce any of the problems right off the bat. We tried to add mitigations but it was quickly eating up more of our time and resources that we'd have to pull from other areas of 1Password that can be improved.

    We don't like this at all either, we love the integrated modern titlebar but we have to go with a system-supported one, not do it ourselves. We do anticipate coming back to this in the future.

    It changes the title bars of all programs. File explorer, Chrome, Windows Terminal etc. I do not want this.

    That's the price for using the default OS UI element, the OS controls it. The moment we take away that control from OS, we become 100% responsible for everything including the animations, focusing, design, etc. This is not something we can spare right now, we end up fighting it more than fixing them.

    Windows Terminal is the perfect example, they're doing a custom titlebar and you can see all of the issues there. Just look at these comments:

    The main issue is, though, that we want to ship something that'll work properly (or quasi-properly) all the way back to 19H1 (build 18362), and any solution we get from the DWM team is going to have a very long lead time.

    windows for modern applications get a little bit of special treatment, and they're actually slightly different in win32k, so we can't derive too much info from looking at how they work.)

    Alright, so here's the deal. I got agreement from the DWM team to ship an interim solution while they work to resolve the issue for Windows vNext. This interim solution comes in the form of a single DLL consumed through a NuGet package.

    And they have the backing of the major company, Microsoft. We don't. Remember, 1Password is available for multiple Windows versions as well, going back to Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 which are still being used by some of our customers. We may end up dropping support sooner as Microsoft has stopped general support for Windows 7.

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