Feature Request: Password sync with iPhone/iPad and smart folders


I'm looking for a possibilty to sync only specified smart folder to my mobile devices.

It doesn't work at the moment.

Many thanks for your feedback


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    At this time it is not possible to sync only Smart Folders. Dropbox syncing will sync everything and Wi-Fi-based selective syncing only allows selection of regular folders. You can set up a regular folder for syncing and manually make its contents match those of a Smart Folder, but you would need to do that every time before you sync since the regular folder will not update dynamically.

    I'm sorry I don't have a better answer for your particular use case, but I will pass your request along to the developers. :)
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    Thank you khad,

    I hope such a solution will be implemented soon.

    I need this solution to sync only items with a special tag to specified target mobile devices via WIFI.
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