Untagged Generated Passwords

I understand the "[font=courier new,courier,monospace]Untagged[/font]" section is generated automatically. Every object type *except* [font=courier new,courier,monospace]Generated Passwords[/font] allows for Tag assignment. Why?

I have a few hundred objects, spanning all item types, within my vault and I smart filter by tags. I often need to go to the [font=courier new,courier,monospace]Untagged[/font] section to categorize newly created items. I hate all the generated passwords cluttering it.

Again, why does a generated password object not allow tagging?



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    Hey David,

    It does use tags its just not really obvious. Drag the generated password from the middle column onto the top of the tag you wish to use in the left hand pane once the tag turns blue release it.

    The tag will not show up when looking at the generated password the only way to view its tag is to look for the tag you assigned it. Err select the tag you gave it and it will show up in that listing.

    If you wish to untag the item drag it back to the untagged folder and the tag will be removed.
  • Worked perfectly. Thanks!
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    Glad to help
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