Why are the password options different between the various apps?

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I'm noticing the password generation options vary by platform. I compared Mac, Windows, Android, and browser (1PasswordX) versions. Lest anyone fear for my security, any passwords captured in the screenshots aren't used anywhere, they were just for this test.


  • Mac lets you choose the number of digits and symbols, the others don't.
  • Mac and Windows have a "avoid unambiguous characters", the browser (1PasswordX) and Android versions do not.


  • This password type can only be created on Android


  • Android has "full words" and "capitalize options. The other apps don't.
  • Browser (1PasswordX) version lack the separator option that all the other apps have.

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  • BenBen AWS Team

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    Hi @keegan

    Thank you for providing the detailed comparison. I realize it probably isn't a very satisfying answer, but the reason is simply because we've started working toward parity, but we haven't reached it yet. It'll probably be some time before we get there. The reason is that up until very recently all of our development was done by entirely separate teams: one for each platform we support. And so while there were some specs to work from there was a fair bit of flexibility and a lack of standardization. We now are working toward a more common denominator, but that'll take time to implement.

    The password generator absolutely should have the same options regardless of which app of ours you are using, and hopefully our efforts will get us there eventually, but it isn't going to happen overnight.

    I'm sorry I don't have a more complex answer than that, but that's the summary.


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