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I have a 1Password account that I use on my MacBook Pro and iPhone. My wife has a family member account with access to the shared vault that she uses on her PC. We have an iPad that we both use when traveling. I set up 1Password for myself on the iPad. She has tried to add her account to the iPad using all the data in her emergency kit (sign in address, email address, secret key) along with her master password. (note: the email address for her account is different than the email address for my account.) She was trying to add her account within my 1Password account on the iPad after I opened the 1Password app with my master password and tapped on "add existing account". It won't accept it. This is an older iPad (generation 4) without touch ID running it's most recent available version of iOS (10.3.3). The listed 1Password version is the one on my MacBook Pro and therefore, I assume, the same on the iPad since I just installed my account on the iPad. I could not ascertain the 1Password extension version on the iPad. Any suggestions as to how to solve this? Is it not possible to allow both of us to use 1Password on the same iPad using our respective master passwords?

1Password Version: 6.8.4
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: 10.3.3
Sync Type: Not Provided


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    Hi @henryturkel,

    Let me make sure that I fully comprehend what you're trying to do. If I'm understand correctly, you have a 1Password Families account where both you and your wife have user accounts. You share an iPad, on which you've previously added your 1Password Families account. Now you're trying to add your wife's user account to this same iPad and it's not letting you.

    Does that sound accurate?

    If so, then that's "normal". It's not supported to have two user accounts from the same 1Password Families account on the same device. On a desktop this can be resolved by using different user sessions. With phones this isn't generally a problem because mostly everyone has their own phone. Where this is still an issue is tablets though, as those in general are shared, but the operating system doesn't provide any help for us there.

    What's the error that you're getting? In that scenario you're supposed to get an error that mentions something along the lines of what I just said. If not, it's likely a bug that we should get fixed up.


  • Thanks for your quick reply. You do understand it correctly.

    What confused me is that when I open 1 Password on the iPad and go to "1Password Accounts" it offers the option to "Add Existing Account". When I click on that it opens a window into which I can fill out all the fields on my wife's emergency kit into the fields in that window. When I click "Sign In" just below that I get a red bar across the screen above all those filled out fields. No explanation. If I go back to do it over again a new account has not been added.

    I can live with this if necessary. I will just have to enter my master password each time my wife or I want to open 1Password. But also, since we don't have touch ID on this older iPad, I will have to enter it every time either of us want to use 1Password to fill a login page. Not convenient but doable. And requires I be there if my wife is using the iPad to visit sites needing a password. Either that or else I have to give her my master password and she has to memorize it which is not the best/easiest solution.

    A new iPad would have touch ID. Since we both use the iPad we could put both of our fingerprints in as authorized touch ID prints both to open the iPad and to use 1Password. Then my wife or I could much more conveniently just use my 1Password account without having to give her my master password itself or memorize it. I have no problem with her having access to all vaults. (She doesn't want that on her PC in order to make her looking for the sites she goes to much simpler. But that's a minor issue for her. )

    One other issue: I opened a few websites using 1Password on the iPad using my account. The iPad had not been used since I got 1Password a couple of months ago and I just installed 1Password on it yesterday. The websites I went had old, weak passwords prefilled when I went to the login page. I assume the iPad/Safari is doing that locally. I logged in using 1Password with the much better passwords I now have and which I use routinely on my MacBook Pro. No problems. When I later went back to that same website login page on the iPad the stronger 1Password password was prefilled. Is there some way to prevent websites from prefilling IDs and passwords? Perhaps convenient before I had 1Password but not as secure.

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    Thanks @henryturkel. I'm going to do some testing here and see if I can get the app to misbehave like this so that I can file a bug with the iOS team.

    The websites I went had old, weak passwords prefilled when I went to the login page. I assume the iPad/Safari is doing that locally

    Yes this sounds like iCloud Keychain.

    When I later went back to that same website login page on the iPad the stronger 1Password password was prefilled.

    Yes, you can disable that behavior via iOS's Settings > Safari > AutoFill.



    ref: OPI-4357

  • benfdcbenfdc Perspective Giving Member

    I wish there were a configuration option to allow multiple 1Password user accounts from the same 1P/Fam subscription on a single mobile device or computer user account. Some of my family members need help managing their vaults, and this limitation makes it nigh impossible for me to do this from my iPad or iPhone.

  • brentybrenty

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    @benfdc: I can see how that would be useful for some people, but it would also be very confusing for others. If you and I were family members with access to some of the same shared vaults, being signed into both of our accounts in the app would have a lot of duplicate items because of that. And then if I'd signed into my account first, you'd have to enter my Master Password to unlock the app. It's something interesting to think about, but I do wonder if Apple will add support for multi-user on iPads given their recent streak of productivity and power user improvements there. In that case it would make any work we might do in this area irrelevant. But by the same token, one thing iPads already have going for them is that the web interface works well there, so that's a good stopgap while we see how things shake out with Apple, and gauge interest in 1Password trying to fill this sort of use case itself. But having it supported in iOS would have benefits far beyond 1Password. Food for thought. :)

  • benfdcbenfdc Perspective Giving Member

    Thanks for your lucid response, @brenty. Those are all excellent points.

    The potential for confusion is why I suggested making this a configuration option rather than the default behavior.

    You are certainly correct that one can manage vault contents via, but in general I dislike this approach because it feels less secure than using an app to access one's data. I want my master passwords to stay on my devices rather than venturing outside of them. Also, it’s not a good solution for iPhones, and I don’t always have my tablets or computers handy.

    However, you rightly focus on the larger question of whether this feature would be sufficiently useful to a sufficient number of advanced 1Password users to make it worth your while to devote resources to adding and supporting it. That's the difference between where you sit and where I sit!

    —Ben F

  • BenBen AWS Team

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    Hi Ben!

    I just wanted to clarify that while the apps do offer a level of security over the web interface the reason is because the apps are codesigned whereas the web interface is not. Like the apps the web interface doesn’t transmit your Master Password.


  • benfdcbenfdc Perspective Giving Member

    Hi, @Ben! Can you point me to something that explains how that works?

    —Other Ben

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    Hi @benfdc,

    Our Security Whitepaper goes into some detail to explain encryption key derivation and the like.

    If anything in there is hard to understand, let us know and we can get you a more specific answer. We try our best to make it approachable, but when you're laying out the technical details of things, that can be difficult.


  • Hi - I've read the comments above and I'm really disappointed that I cannot add multiple family members to an iPad. We are trying to convert everyone, including the kids to 1password. In order to use the safari plugin, we have to use the app and the app only allows one user from the family. We tried setting up our profiles within safari, and while that works (we can pick which user to login), it doesn't solve the issue of populating the usernames and passwords - logging in, then looking things up credentials on the website and cutting and pasting is too onerous for the kids. I get that you want to use the authentication provided by the OS to control the user, but this is really challenging on iPads given the shared nature of the devices in our home and the lack of profile support by the OS. I guess this is a long post to say I'd upvote the feature. Thanks.

  • ag_anaag_ana

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    Thank you for taking the time to share this feedback with us @kcfootie :+1:

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