Feature Request: Ignore Apple Touch Icons

benfdcbenfdc Perspective Giving Member
edited December 2011 in 1Password 3 – 6 for Mac
Currently running 3.8.13.BETA-1

1Password's standard Shelf icon for logins is a blue globe. For sites with favicons, a favicon badge is added to the globe.

Recently, 1Password started using apple-touch-icon.png images as Shelf icons for websites that provide such icons. I don't like them, because they make login items look like software licenses.

1Password's Logins preference pane already has an "Automatically download icons and previews for new Logins" checkbox. I'd like to see a "Use Apple Touch Icons if available" checkbox in that pane, with the user's selection controlling 1Password's behavior for Download Preview as well as for new logins.

—Ben F


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