Uninstall Issue - Not Responding

Hi, from my previous thread prevx / virus alert that happened after Chrome prompted me to install the extension update. I went to the url to update prompted from 1password. After prevx indicated the alert was a false positive. Then there were issues shutting down my network connection after a period of time with Chrome opened. After a full day without opening chrome there were no issues. I decided to uninstall 1password completely and reinstall.

Every attempt to uninstall or even update 1password stops responding. Is there another way to do this, safe mode?



  • Nevermind, I uninstalled in safemode after removing chrome extension. Reinstalled without a hitch.. feel free to delete this thread mods. Thanks!
  • DBrownDBrown 1Password Alumni
    That's good news, James, and it may be useful for others to know that "safe mode" was the successful route for you.

    Thanks for updating the thread!
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