Set 1Password under Lion to *not* require Master PW all the time?

I love the way my "old" pre-Lion version of 1Password allows me to unlock it using the Master Password, and it stays unlocked across reboots/restarts, switching users, etc.

Not so the Lion version from the Mac App Store! It seems it is always asking me to enter the Master Password whenever I restart/reboot, switch users, etc. And after unlocking it, it seems that I'll try to use it just to find it has relocked itself.

I find it a royal PITA compared to the previous version. (Yes, I've got "universal unlock" working, but that doesn't address the issue of it universally relocking itself!)

I own both Snow Leopard & Lion versions on separate computers, so every time I use the current Lion version, I'm reminded of how irritating it is. (sweat)


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    The MAS version cannot access the OS X keychain which is required to store your master password. I know it may not help much, but the feature was only ever added due to customer demand. As the warning emphatically states when you enable "Never prompt for master password" in 1Password 3.8 and earlier:

    Storing 1Password's master password into the default login keychain can compromise your security. If the login keychain is not properly secured, which by default it is not, all your 1Password data can be viewed without entering the master password.

    It is recommended that you do not use this feature until you are familiar with how the login keychain works.

    I don't think it will be making a comeback in 1Password 3.9 or later for security and other reasons.

    There are a couple options available to you.
    1. Install 1Password 3.8 from our website using your existing license key. The option is still available in 3.8 which is designed for Snow Leopard and Lion. There is no requirement to use 3.9 in Lion.
    2. Modify your security settings to match your usage.

    The screenshot above shows my Auto-Lock settings. For my usage, I prefer that 1Password locks if and only if my MacBook Pro sleeps (i.e. when I close its lid). You may wish to go further and even disable "Lock when sleeping". In that case, you should only need to type your password after a fresh boot.

    I did notice that you mentioned switching users, though. For security reasons, 1Password will lock when you switch users with it running in the background. This is not configurable.

    If we can be of further assistance, please let us know. We are always here to help!
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