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I finally got Bootcamp properly set-up on my Mac, however, I hadn't realised that the Mac and Windows licenses are separate, which makes sense though.

But what I'm thinking is that in my case I don't really want a full Windows or hybrid license, since I'm only using 1Password for Windows under Bootcamp.

As such, I'm thinking that a "Bootcamp upgrade" would be a good thing to offer, allowing a user with an existing Mac license to inexpensively upgrade it to function as a single machine Windows license, that lets them use 1Password for Windows under Bootcamp, and Bootcamp emulation (though VMWare Fusion, Parallels etc.). I mean, emulation isn't a big deal, since I can still get at the Mac application while using that.

It's just that in my case at least I'm inclined to just muddle through with 1Password Anywhere and keeping a list of any new accounts to add. But if it were inexpensive to extend my current Mac license, then I'd happily upgrade to include a Windows license to run with Bootcamp.


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    Good news! We already provide a discount for 1Password for Windows to all 1Password for Mac license holders. Just enter your existing license key on the upgrade page:


    If we can be of further assistance, please let us know. We are always here to help! :)
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