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Hi together

A friend of mine suggested me to try 1password because i will move my stuff to a mac. I tried desperately to import the *.wlt file into 1password, but without success.
Any suggestions?

Thanks a lot


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    Welcome to the forums, Patrick! Thank you for your consideration of our software. 1Password cannot import eWallet's .wlt file. Please run 1Password and click File > Import, then select eWallet from the drop-down menu and follow the instructions for exporting your eWallet data to a plain text file and importing that into 1Password.
  • Since this is a plain or flat text file, would all of the different entries from eWallet remain unique or do they become a single entry?
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    Welcome to the forums, Ian! I see you have taken Stu's suggestion and joined us here for discussion. :)

    What happens when you try it on your machine? Just back up your 1Password data (if you have any) and then try importing it so see how it goes. If something explodes, you can always revert to the backup you just created.

    From my understanding, the older eWallet format should import as expected into multiple Login and Secure Note items but the developers of eWallet have changed the format somewhere around version 7.1 which makes it impossible to do anything with the data except import it as a single Secure Note.

    According to their own site, even eWallet itself is not able to import the files that it exports...!


    I wish I had a better answer. Perhaps someone else knows how to read their proprietary WLT format or has created some kind of script for exporting the data into a machine-readable (i.e., usable) format.
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