How do I move from RoboForm (Windows) to 1Password (Mac)?

I have been using RoboForm for Windows for years. I'm about to take the plunge and buy a MacBook Pro. I need to find a way to move my password data from my old Windows PC to my new Mac (using 1Password for Mac). I just downloaded a trial version of 1Password for Windows, and I believe I have successfully imported my RoboForm data. (I did downgrade to an older version of Roboform, 6.x, as advised elsewhere online.) Once I get my new MacBook, how do I move my info from 1Password for Windows to 1Password for Mac? Can I do it through Dropbox? And, if so, can I do it using only the trial version of 1Password for Windows so I don't have to pay twice?


  • DBrownDBrown 1Password Alumni
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    If your ultimate target is 1Password for Mac, you should bypass 1Password for Windows altogether.

    1Password for Mac includes a built-in Import Assistant for Roboform passcards and safenotes, whereas 1Password for Windows can import only passcards.

    The Import Assistant includes instructions, but the basic model is to use Roboform's "print to HTML" feature twice (once for passcards and once for safenotes), making sure the "include URLs" option is enabled for the passcards; copy the resulting HTML files to your new Mac; and import each HTML file into 1Password for Mac.

    Much simpler and with more complete results.

    (You'll still have to create new Identity items—1Password doesn't import those on either platform.)
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