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Are you still looking into bringing back this basic functionality? 6 months later and as far as I can tell the situation with selective "fill-only" (when "fill and submit" is the default) and updating an existing login remains unchanged?

Maybe I'm missing something, but I still struggle with this frequently and it 1Password has dropped way down on my list of favourite apps. I'm about 2 seconds away from trying out a competing app purely out of frustration.

My password database has become filled with duplicates and half of them are named after the domain name and the rest after the title tag or some other guestimate, so half of my duplicates dont even appear next to each other anymore. And 1Password makes it so hard to clean this up, it just ends up getting worse and worse.


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    Hey mrmachine,

    I split your post from that extremely old thread since the information contained in it is outdated and not relevant any more.

    To disable autosubmit for a specific Login (even while it is enabled globally) simply set the "submit" value for the Login to "never".
    You can also toggle autosubmit globally on the fly simply by clicking the "Fill and Submit Login" header. It will change to "Fill Login" and back again.

    It sounds like the root issue is a specific site where you are having trouble, though. As I mentioned in the other thread already, if you let us know the URL, we'd love to see how we can improve the extension there. :)

    As for the duplicates, 1Password will never save a new Login without user interaction, so it won't create duplicates unless you tell it to. You can always dismiss the autosave bar when you see it, but please let me know if there is a reproducible problem on your machine where 1Password is prompting you to save a Login when you just filled that Login with 1Password. That sounds like a bug if that is happening for you. Again, I'd love to get it resolved if you can provide specific steps to reproduce it. At this time, I am unable to do so myself. What version of 1Password, browser, and extension are you using?

    Lastly, you are free to name your Logins whatever you wish. Before saving (manually or via the autosave bar), 1Password gives you the opportunity to edit the Login's title if you wish to use a specific naming convention.

    I hope that helps. Please let me know.
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