Trouble with Criagslist

I'm trying the 1P demo today, and Craigslist is flummoxing me early in the game.

1. I have an existing Craigslist account.
2. I elect to change password and use 1P to fill the two fields with a new password
3. I log out and try to fill the log-in fields with 1P.
4. It doesn't work. First there is no user name, just a "blind" pw. I add my user name to 1P, but Craigslist rejects the filled pw that I created with 1P.
5. I'm stumped. Even if I copy and paste the newly created 1P password Craigslist rejects it.

Minutes pass.

Now I have solved it, but it is clumsy. In this process 1P creates 2 Craigslist accounts, with different passwords. Apparently, after I created a new pw and return to log-in, I somehow create a new 1P fill that is different rather than using the newly created pw. I don't know why. So, I have figured out which is the proper pw and pasted into both of the 1P accounts and deleted one.

Is this experience with Craigslist characteristic of the difficulty of creating a new 1P password for an existing log-in?


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