1 password, 3 computers

Hello and thanks for reading this.
2 MBP and an iMac in my home network (+ several iPod touch).
For my MBP my data lives in Dropbox and I use it with my iPod touch.
For my wife and my daughter I created a different password for each and their passwords are kept each in her computer.
Part of the passwords in the 3 computers (some times in 2) are common, meaning, I use the same password for the same application as my wife and/or my daughter.
Is there a way that, if I change, let's say my password for one of the applications my daughter and/or my wife use too, this password will be changed also in their computers?
I hope I explained myself clearly :)


  • khadkhad Social Choreographer

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    The concept of sharing and multiple data files within 1Password has been suggested a number of times and it's certainly a very interesting and useful idea! We are considering this for the future, but it is quite a substantial change to how 1Password works right now which means a lot of time and testing is required to add this feature.

    So with that said, I really can't make any promises on a time frame for when we may be able to bring this to 1Password, but that doesn't mean we won't. We've always believed in trying to be as honest and realistic with our users as possible rather than making lots of empty promises.

    I'm sorry I can't give you a more positive answer right now, but thank you so much for letting us know that you would find this useful. We do take the number of users who request a feature into consideration when we decide on our feature lists.

    In the meantime, importing and exporting 1Password Interchange Files is a great way to transfer information between different installations of 1Password (File > Export). It is not automated, but for my purposes it works well since I am not constantly changing the passwords I share with others. This way each use can have private 1Password data and import only the items they need from the rest of the team.

    (Please be aware that the 1PIF information is not encrypted and should be handled with care while in transit and securely deleted once the information is safely imported into an encrypted 1Password data file.)

    I hope that helps. Please let me know.
  • Ayara NidajatAyara Nidajat Junior Member
    Thank you khad.
    Exporting is a good idea (only question: how didn't I think about it before?)... :)
    I love 1P, it's a lifesaver and appreciate your answer.
    Have a good weekend.
  • NovaScotianNovaScotian Senior Member
    I've always wondered why that would be complicated. Wouldn't passworded internal folders be possible? 1P's password would get you access to all the data held in common, but an additional password would be required to access some of the folders. Spouses could share a computer but segregate things like bank passwords or ebay accounts.
  • khadkhad Social Choreographer

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    It is always my pleasure to help, Ayara. I'm glad that works for you. :)

    NovaScotian, it may seem simple on the surface, but implementing it will take some time. We have five different platforms to consider (among other factors). ;)
  • NovaScotianNovaScotian Senior Member
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    Khad -- I wasn't suggesting any rush; I'm sure there are technical problems to be overcome. Nonetheless, your answer "but implementing it will take some time" implies that at some point we'll have it -- good stuff.
  • khadkhad Social Choreographer

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    I guess that's my cue to disclaim my previous post. :)

    Implementing such a feature will take some time if/when we implement it.
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