Sync with DB after 1P password change

I changed my 1P master password, now I can't go into 1P for iPhone and ask it to sync my Dropbox. I go to 1P>settings>sync>Dropbox> and it wants my password. I've tried the new one, the old one, and any others associated with either.

I can open 1P for windows with the new password, and I can open logins with the old one, but which password would have changed so I can't sync Dropbox, or which do I use to make the sync happen.

My 1P for windows is V My 1P for iPhone is V 3.6.2. My Drop box is V1.4.6.

Everything worked fine yesterday until I changed my 1P for windows password.


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    Hey beeper go into settings and click the portion for reset dropbox sync, this will force it to reset up the entire sync process. Sometimes it gets stuck I have experienced this on more than one occasion but usually only after updating phones and doing a restore thru iTunes etc.

    It should be the new password you set in the Windows app.

    BTW for those wondering about the version numbers in beepers post.

    Dropbox desktop is @ 1.3.19 and thats a beta

    Mobile version is @ 1.4.6 and that a stable/release version
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    Your master password does not have to be the same between 1Password for Mac/Windows and your 1Password iOS app(s). Many users like to have a less-complicated one for 1Password iOS apps because of the interaction using the much smaller virtual keyboard. Because they do not have to be the same, they are never synced from one device/platform to another.

    Please try resetting Dropbox syncing from within the 1Password app on your iPhone. Open the 1Password app and tap:

    Settings > Sync > Dropbox > Account > Reset

    The Dropbox sync setup on the iPhone requires your 1Password for iPhone master password (and your 1Password for Windows master password if it is not the same).

    Pay attention to the onscreen prompts. You will be asked for the "Master Password on iPhone"…


    …and the "Master Password on Mac or PC".


    This is all outlined in the Dropbox sync setup guide:

    If we can be of further assistance, please let us know. We are always here to help!
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