Feature Request: Default to naked domain in autosave prompts (no subdomain)

edited February 2012 in 1Password 3 – 6 for Mac
1Password plugins used to use the page title, or some sort of auto capitalised and sanitised version of the domain name. Now it seems to just use the full domain and host name, even including the "www." at the start.

Now I have tonnes of logins under "W" for "www" which isn't very intuitive when trying to find a login on my iPhone. Not such a big deal on the Mac because a search will match the actual domain name as I type.

I'd like the plugins to be updated, or at least give users the option of choosing to strip "www.", strip all hostnames (e.g. just store apple.com instead of appleid.apple.com), or to use the page title instead of the domain name.



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    I think that is a great idea and am advocating on your behalf for this. :)
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